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Honorary Life MembersPrice on application
Lifetime MembershipPrice on application
7 Day - No Entrance Fee£1,095.00
7 Day - Entrance Fee Paid£1,025.00
5 Day-Entrance( Now Closed )£850.00
90 Plus£150.00
Young Person 25£900.00
Young Person 24£820.00
Young Person 23£725.00
Young Person 22£625.00
Young Person 21£525.00
Young Person 20£475.00
Young Person 19£430.00
Young Person 18£375.00
Student/Full Time Education up to age 25£235.00
Junior 13-17£100.00
Junior 8-12£65.00
Social- Single (20% VAT INC)£150.00
Social- Joint (20% VAT INC)£230.00
Social- Gold (20% VAT INC)£105.00
Social- Gold Joint (20% VAT INC)£145.00
Lockers ( Since 2014/15)£50.00
Trolley Hooks£50.00

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Please note, as from midnight tonight, you must wear a mask if you wish to enter the Club house or Golf store. Further, if you wish to eat or drink at the Club, you must find a table and wait to be served. You can only remove your mask if you are sitting down. Please see the Club email sent out a short while ago. Please help us to stay safe.
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  • Tracey Moorhouse Music Night this Friday