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Playing a Hi/Low competition is usually good fun but playing it in a bitter Clacton ‘breeze’ is not, which is why we only played 9 holes this week. I managed to get a photo of the Snowdrops between the 4th & 5th holes, because the area at the back of the 4th is closed off and we may not get to see them in their full bloom. If you have time, do look before you tee off from the 5th. Well done to everyone who played, we had a really good turnout this week and the scores were very close at the top. Results below
Kath and Lorna who will be playing in the Daily Mail Foursomes today, Friday, at Play Golf, Colchester at 10.30am. The weather looks good and we wish them Good Luck??
Thank you again to Sue G & Denise for organising the meal at Fork & Wine, Brightlingsea. An excellent choice of venue, the food was very good, and the staff were very helpful and accommodating. Looking forward to going back for their new breakfast menu, which sounds amazing.
Attached with this newsletter is a questionnaire. It never does any harm to think about the future and where we see ourselves in 5 or even 10 years’ time. Please reply to me only with your answers and comments.
Directors/Board Meeting
Work on the course is progressing well, the work on the paths has started; due to the high cost of materials they are using fine road plainings and will monitor how they stand the wear & tear and the run off from the rain.
They discussed closing the course when it has snowed, this was because some players are not replacing divots in the snow and therefore when the snow thaws the course is badly damaged. However, the course will stay open and members must be reminded to always replace divots.
The question of when the Hollow Tining starts came up as this is always done in September but could it be done later in the year? Alan explained that, ideally, it should be done in August as this would allow the greens to recover much quicker, however, September is the best time for Clacton.
It appears some members are moving the temporary green flags back to the greens whilst playing a round, members are asked to report anyone seen doing this. Temporary greens are there to protect the greens from frost damage and bad weather damage.
There was discussion on bar prices and bar discounts, the decision will be announced at the Forum.
Graham has someone interested in running The Half-Way House, they currently run the ‘Hey Diddle Griddle’ stall, they will manage the half-way house and planning to be open more often from this weekend. The Ladies will be allowed to use it on their ‘big’ days.
The decorating of the Clubhouse is ongoing, looking very smart with a modern feel.
I mentioned the subject of the Ladies Gold Leaf Boards again, we discussed where they could be placed, I suggested that the Captains Boards could be moved to the Foyer area to enhance that area and remind visitors that we are a Golf Club. The Board will endeavour to enable us to have some in the Clubhouse.
I also mentioned the problem on Ladies Tuesdays where we struggle to sit together for lunch and for the Lady Captain, or anyone else, to be heard when there is a function on. Graham & Nichole will do their best to encourage visitors to move into the dining area.
The Club will be getting a portable dartboard, it is hoped that all members could make use of it on the nights when the clubhouse is not busy.
As Nichole is now House & Bar Manager, the office has employed Jane Harkness for 20hours a week.
Have a good weekend

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